Who Runs the Show

Musical Theatre Guild is extremely fortunate to have a devoted staff of volunteers and Board of Directors comprised of artists and business people. These tireless individuals are passionate about bringing musical theatre experiences to our community. Their time and talent are a huge factor in our success.


Executive Committee

Eileen Barnett
Katie De Shan
Tal Fox
Glenn Rosenblum
Paul Wong

Production Stage Managers

Art Brickman
Leesa Freed

Diversity and Inclusion Advisors

Kristi Holden
Paul Wong

ASL Program Director

William Martinez

High School Outreach Director

Jeffrey Scott Parsons

Development Director

Kevin McMahon


Glenn Rosenblum
Todd Gadjusek
Jill Marie Burke


Michael Van Duzer

Program Cover Design & Season Artwork

Damon Kirsche, Pixotic Arts

Program Layout

Glenn Shiroma

Website Design & Content

David Bawiec
William Martinez

Assistant to the Board

Debbie Nunez

Board of Directors

Eileen Barnett
Michele Caylor
Stuart Fine
Kristi Holden
Neil Newman
Richard Schraier
Lewis Wilkenfeld

Board Executive Committee

Les Traub (Chairman)
Alan Weston (Treasurer)
Chuck Bergman


Musical Theatre Guild would like to thank our advisors who are dedicated to our continued success at MTG.

Thomas E. Backer, PhD
John Bowab
Earl Holliman
Randy Kravis
Will Mackenzie
Robert Morse
Patty Paul
Duane Poole
Lila Silvern
Vernon Willet
Martin Wiviott

Founding Members

Eric Andrist – Co-Founder
Jeff Rizzo – Co-Founder
Christopher Callen
Edward Evanko
Gordon Goodman
Tom Hatten
Michael G. Hawkins
Marsha Kramer
Jane Lanier
Gerry McIntyre
Marcia Mitzman
Lorna Patterson
Leanna Polk
Teri Ralston
John Rubinstein
Kathryn Skatula
Betty Vaughan
Susan Watson