William Martinez

ASL Program Director

Currently touring his one-man show "SIGNing The Song: The Power of BELONGing". Check out my website for more info.

About William

A native of Denver, William Martinez earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Musical Theatre from the University of Northern Colorado. After graduating, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue his acting/singing career. He has stayed in LA to enjoy the sunshine ever since! He is currently touring the educational market with his presentation, “SIGNing the Song: You Have Changed My Life,” inspiring teachers to remember how incredible their impact is on their students. “SIGNing the Song” combines American Sign Language (ASL) with song and shares his inspirational story of growing up in a deaf household, discovering music, and celebrating the massive impact that one teacher had on his life. He also introduces how ASL in the classroom can create a new and effective way for teachers to communicate with their students. He is extremely honored to have “SIGNing the Song: You Have Changed My Life” be the DVD companion to one of the most successful educational books on the market: “The First Days of School: How to Become an Effective Teacher” (Fifth Edition) by Harry and Rosemary Wong. In fact, the DVD has won many awards including two Telly Awards for Motivational Non-Broadcast Video and multiple AVA Digital Awards including the platinum award for On-Camera Talent award for William as a Motivational Speaker! The highest award given!

In addition to his speaking engagements, William is also a professional actor/singer with many impressive credits and awards under his belt. His theatrical version of “SIGNing The Song” won a Broadway World Award in 2018. He toured THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC: A MODERN TRIBUTE TO ABBA across the nation and sailed the high seas as the Lead Male Singer on Silversea Cruises performing Opera, Broadway, Pop, Jazz, and other musical styles (along with showcasing “SIGNing the Song”). Previous to those productions, William originated the role of Bean’s Dad in IVY + BEAN at South Coast Repertory and Jason in ORDINARY DAYS at the Victory Theatre in LA. He has also performed in HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME (Sacramento Music Circus, La Mirada Performing Arts Center), PARADE, LITTLE MARY SUNSHINE, NO, NO, NANETTE, SUPERMAN, STREET SCENE, BLOOD BROTHERS, HIGH FIDELITY, TITANIC, and more with Musical Theatre Guild. Also THE SECRET GARDEN, ONCE UPON A MATTRESS, CITY OF ANGELS, 110 IN THE SHADE, BELLS ARE RINGING, KISMET (Musical Theatre West, Reiner), BIG RIVER (Taper), BIG RIVER and OLIVER! (Deaf West Theatre), BACK TO BACHARACH (Sierra Rep), FOREVER PLAID (Little Theatre of the Rockies), PLAID TIDINGS (Laguna Playhouse), SWEENEY TODD (Gold Coast), and many other musical shows. He has performed for countless award shows, honor galas, and charity events (including the Paul Newman’s SeriousFun for children). He has done film, TV, voiceovers, and sings backup for Kristin Chenoweth whenever she is in the Los Angeles Area. He loves to give back to the community by performing for elementary school kids with Musical Theatre West, Musical Theatre Guild, and New West Symphony, and is a proud member of Actors’ Equity. William thanks his wonderful family for their endless love and support. ILY!


MTG Show Credits

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The Foursome
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The Band|Bandmaster Wallace Hartley
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Dr. Bradman
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Resident of Rainbow Valley
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Neville Landless/Mr. Victor Grinstead
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Galant Knight of Camelot
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Daniel Buchannan/Ensemble
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Tom Trainor
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The Photographer/Irving/Senator Rogers
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Aide/Prison Guard/Ensemble

Fun Facts

I'm proud to be an MTG member because

I am SO proud to be an MTG member because of all of the hard work this company does to bring joy to people's lives. From bringing rare and unsung musicals back to life to the incredible outreach program, MTG is a beautiful contribution to our community. I LOVE doing the kids shows and seeing their eyes light up when we sing about the History of Musical Theatre or how the Page JUMPS to the Stage! (Sure, it's 8 in the morning...but it is WORTH IT!)

Dream Role


Favorite Role I Have Played

My favorite role has to be Marvin in FALSETTOS.

My Favorite Musical


Favorite MTG Show I Have Been In

BLOOD BROTHERS (Incredible show, cast, and direction)

Funniest / Most Memorable Thing That's Happened to Me on Stage

I was playing Jason in ORDINARY DAYS at the Victory Theatre. Right before the show, I made a VERY poor food choice and decided to eat some leftover Brazillian meat from dinner three nights prior. Well, it was during a duet (the museum scene) where all of a sudden, I heard a very loud and low stomach rumble come from my body. Brazil was rushing to my throat. Like THE ENTIRE COUNTRY was trying to escape out of my mouth!!!! #BigCountryBrazil I rushed off stage mid-song and projectile vomited into the sink of the women's dressing room! Meanwhile, our ASM was expertly playing Candy Crush on her iPad and was unphased by my rush past her. It took more than three (3) heaves for her to look up to see what absolute horror I was going through. I switched off my mic and ripped it from my face. #Don'tMakeTheSoundGalMad Onstage was adorable Alby Potts, our music director and pianist, playing sooo beautifully as the audience was totally confused. My scene partner was frozen in fear and smiling as she tried to look behind her to see what the HECK was going on. They finished the number and the lights went out much too slowly. Our SM announced a short intermission due to technical difficulties and invited them to the lobby for some fresh air. #WhoNeedsTheFreshAirNow? After about 10 minutes of me emptying my entire stomach, I swished some water, crunched down on some Altoids, and went out to sing my big ol' tender solo, "My Favorite Places." By that point, the entire audience knew what had happened to me (Gossip queens!) and so did the THREE REVIEWERS who were there. Yes. THREE DIFFERENT PAPERS WERE THERE. #LuckyWilliam I finished the show and right at the moment when curtain call came, I was back at the sink. SO I never bowed...which was good...because our sold-out house would have found out where the splash seats were. #GetToMyGoalWeight I was SURE our reviews were going to be huge pans...but they all LOVED the show! Each review HAD to mention my peril and felt that I recovered brilliantly! They didn't see me the next day... #TheShowMustGoOn

Languages Spoken

English, American Sign Language

Special Skills

Fluent in ASL

Private Lessons Offered:

  • Voice/Singing
  • Acting
  • Audition Prep
  • Voice-Over
  • Other Skills
  • American Sign Langauge (ASL)
  • SIGNing The Song (Combining ASL with Music)

Contact Info

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