Music by
Leonard Bernstein
Lyrics by
Betty Comden and Adolph Green
Book by
Joseph A. Fields and Jerome Chodorov
Sunday, November 17, 2013 7:00 pm
Moss Theatre

Wonderful Town

Based on their play My Sister Eileen, which is itself based on the collection of short stories by Ruth McKenney of the same name.

Eileen is a beautiful innocent from Ohio seeking fame as an actress on Broadway. Ruth is Eileen’s older sister, who wants to be a writer, but must protect Eileen from the unspeakable evils and dangers they’re sure they’ll find in New York City in 1935. In their basement apartment in Greenwich Village they fend off the former tenant’s “dance students”, are kept awake all night by underground dynamite blasts from the subway construction, hide their All-American football playing neighbor from his live-in girlfriend’s mother, both fall for the same guy, host a really uncomfortable dinner party, and teach a raucous group of Brazilian Naval Cadets how to conga, which leads to Eileen being hauled off to jail for creating a disturbance. And that’s just Act One! Wonderful Town won five 1953 Tony® Awards, including Best Musical and Best Actress. With a score that includes ”A Little Bit in Love”, “One Hundred Easy Ways (To Lose a Man)”, “Wrong Note Rag” and “Ohio”, why, oh why, oh why-oh? Why would you miss the first Leonard Bernstein show that MTG has ever presented?


Lowe Taylor
Lowe Taylor
Ruth Sherwood
Kristi Holden
Eileen Sherwood
Damon Kirsche
Damon Kirsche
Robert Baker
Matt Merchant
Matt Merchant *
Ashley Linton
Will Collyer
Chick Clark
Roy Leake, Jr.
Jeffrey Scott Parsons
Frank Lippencott
Ron Christopher Jones
Speedy Valenti
Pamela Hamill
Mrs. Wade/Ensemble
Jennifer Malenke
Jennifer Malenke
David Zack *
Tour Guide/Ensemble
David Holmes
David Holmes
Officer Lonigan/Ensemble
Eydie Alyson
Jules Chavarria
Jules Chavarria *
Justin Jones
Justin Jones *
Mark Reis
Mark Reis
Daniel Switzer
Daniel Switzer *
Tory Trowbridge
Tory Trowbridge *
Justin Michael Wilcox
Justin Michael Wilcox *
* Guest Artist

Production Photos

Creative Team

Lewis Wilkenfeld
Musical Director
Dean Mora
Lee Martino
Production Supervisor
Erik McEwen
Show Photographer
Alan Weston


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