About Me

I get to stand in the wings of our shows and witness one incredible moment after another. It's opening night and closing night and a tightrope walk and a master class and I just love it.
Leo Frank in PARADE
MISS SAIGON (First Broadway show I ever saw.)

Opening night of THE FULL MONTY at the Third Street Theatre in Los Angeles. My parents in the audience. My agents. Press. It's a small theater - the audience is never more than 15 or so feet away from the action. Performance has gone perfectly, without a hitch. We're singing the last number, "Let It Go", and riding high, having a great time. In the signature final moment of the show, we have our backs turned to the audience and rip off our velcro-rigged red thongs, then turn downstage and cover ourselves with our hats. Well... my thong wouldn't tear off at the velcroed seam. I yanked at it unsuccessfully several times, then gave it one last tug, successfully pulling it off and simultaneously turning downstage. However, the force of that yank made my hat fly out of my hand on the turn. I launched after it, scrambling a few feet toward the shocked front row of patrons, scooping the hat off the stage, then resuming my place in the line, hat in place, face a bright crimson red. Though they weren't supposed to, the audience that night did indeed get the full monty they'd been teased with all show long!