About Me

I get to be surrounded by the most talented performers I have ever known! How inspired and humbled I am by each and every one of them...bringing these long forgotten musical gems back to life...if only for one night!
Diana Morales...A CHORUS LINE
Lina LaMont
GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES, SUGAR, MAME, CITY OF ANGELS, HELLO AGAIN...OMG there are so many... I just can't decide!

Well that has to be with the original cast of WICKED on the Tony® Awards. We were doing the show-stopping "Defying Gravity" and I was the first one to run out on stage under Idina Menzel as she flew in the air. I was so proud as I was preparing to make my entrance with the other ensemble members...with ME leading the way!! The music cue arrives, I proudly run out on stage on live national TV, slip on the dry ice and FALL...only to pop up again...singing to the rafters at Radio City! When I got home in the wee hours after the big parties, I cued up my VCR to watch and laughed myself silly watching it over and over! Now that's show biz!