REVOLUTION! brings American history to musical life using examples from vibrant musical theatre. In every age and every century, the world has been shaped by the acts of brave souls who have dared to think differently and defy the status quo. History has been formed by a series of revolutions, both large and small. In REVOLUTION! students witness John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and Alexander Hamilton crafting the birth of a nation (1776, Hamilton), the divide in rural Virginia during America’s Civil War (Shenandoah), Emma Goldman rallying for human rights, and Henry Ford’s creation of the assembly line (Ragtime), the turn of the century newsboys of New York City waging a labor war (Newsies) and the social revolutions of the 1960’s (Hair). History has never been this engaging! REVOLUTION! was developed with the help of grants from the Pinchuk Development Fund and the Weston Family Foundation.

Written by Kevin McMahon
Choreographed by Lee Martino
Music Direction by John Massey

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