About Me

Theater is important. There’s nothing like it and weep for the society that tries to manage without it. Theater is a salve for the human soul and I feel as an artist that it’s my duty to make the audience feel something. This is a guild of my brothers and sisters.
Coalhouse Walker in Ragtime
Banzai was a revelation. When I joined the Lion King tour, I didn’t think I could do it. I thought there was no way I could do it. It was so physical and technical and insane, I was terrified. But it became something to overcome…and I did. I learned that if I could do that thing that I never imagined possible, what else am I capable of that I never considered before? It was a beautiful discovery on so many levels for me.
Little Shop of Horrors

Waiting until the performance to get a finalized set, in a production of ‘David and Lisa’, I played David’s therapist. In a tense scene, David erupts and throws a pot of flowers at the clock on my wall. The flowers were plastic and the clock appeared for the first performance. It was made of cardboard and fashioned with wires to seemingly float in the air. (It was a very “artistic” production. Ha!) So on opening night, the actor playing David launches the plastic flower at the floating clock face for the first time….and it hits the clock like a dart thrown at a dartboard and stays rigidly put in the clock face. We both erupted into laughter with the audience. How could we not?? Funnily enough, for the second performance, it happened AGAIN and David lost it again but I was proud of myself for keeping it together. But what an experience! Could it have been sabotage?? Lol!