About Me

Crown Jewel of Musical Theatre performers in Southern California...simply the best.
Benedict in AS YOU LIKE IT.
Oh I have three. Harold Hill in MUSIC MAN, John of Gaunt in RICHARD II, and the Alchemist in Ben Jonson's THE ALCHEMIST

Opening night with press In Shakespeare's ANTONY and CLEOPATRA, Enobarbus and Eros have a short scene that has to be the most boring scene in all Shakespeare, but utterly critical in the information it delivers. I was playing Eros, entered, and no Enobarbus...um, okay. Stalled for bit sharpening my sword, still no Enobarbus. So I started the scene as if it was a soliloquy, changing pronouns to make sense, obviously looking very thoughtful. About 3/4 of the way through the scene, I look into the wings and there standing and watching me is Enobarbus. Major wardrobe malfunction, and he thought I was doing so well he wasn't going to interrupt. My wife commented to me after the play, "that was a very strange monologue, but you did it very well."