About Me

I have always appreciated the devotion, passion and commitment MTG has to preserving musical theatre and bringing it to the community as well as nurturing and developing new audiences for the live performance experience!
Mama Rose in GYPSY
Originating the role of Lady Blues, the Torch Singer, in the Tony® Award-winning play, TORCH SONG TRILOGY on Broadway!
My very first Broadway show, CARNIVAL.
Playing Minnie in MINNIE'S BOYS!

My most memorable moment in my career was walking into the wrong theater and landing my first Broadway show! I had an audition for THE ROBBER BRIDEGROOM at the Alvin Theater. When I got to 52nd street, I saw ANTA Theater before me and knew the theater started with an "A" . There were people around the stage door, so when I approached, I discovered that a new Broadway show called BUBBLING BROWN SUGAR was looking for a Caucasian female and the stage manager said I was perfect for it. I looked across the street and realized I was supposed to be at the Alvin Theatre not the ANTA Theatre! He said to go to my audition and then come right back! When I finished my audition for BUBBLING BROWN SUGAR, which included singing, dancing and reading from the script, I remember standing in the middle of the stage as they approached me from down the aisle, to welcome me to their cast of BUBBLING BROWN SUGAR!!! A dream come true!