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our mission to present and preserve the musical theatre art form brings me joy that only Jerry Herman could write about!
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Bobby Child in CRAZY FOR YOU
I can give you a top three: 1- FIDDLER ON THE ROOF 2- WEST SIDE STORY 3- GYPSY (Thank you, Jerry Robbins!)
TRIUMPH OF LOVE (just the loveliest experience)

One December I was doing a production of WHITE CHRISTMAS, and the squeaky fly system that brought the scenery in and out was oiled before a performance. The show began, and while everything was now stealthy and silent, it also started to drop tiny droplets of WD-40 all over the stage. As you can imagine, the ensemble of excited tappers rushed on for the first big dance number and all chaos broke loose. I seem to remember a girl in a particularly cumbersome costume that fell down and, yes, couldn't get back up. The show was stopped, someone ran across the street to CVS to buy some dish soap, and the stage was washed. We all now refer to that evening as WHITE CHRISTMAS: ON ICE.

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