About Me

It’s the only theatre company that would have me.
Finch in HOW TO SUCCEED..., but that ship has sunk.
Tough one - Mendel in FALSETTOS, Jacobowsky in THE GRAND TOUR
ONCE ON THIS ISLAND by Ahrens/ Flaherty
IT SHOULDA BEEN YOU - was the perfect show for MTG

Not funny but very memorable-
I was playing Voltaire/Pangloss in CANDIDE when I was in college at CCM. Pangloss gets hanged ( hung?) for being a heretic in Act 1. I had a noose around my neck and a harness on underneath my robe. A fellow castmate hooked the harness to a rope that was hanging from above. On opening night I stepped off the block for the hanging and the harness slipped up, cutting off my air supply. I completely passed out. When they brought me down to continue as Voltaire I kept going till I was flat on my back. My friend Sue revived me, told me my line and I exited. I was not well-hung that night!