About Me

MTG is a group of professional performers with a common cause. Every night is opening night. That pressure creates friendships that last a lifetime.
Don't have one.
Charlie Daniels in SHENANDOAH

Too many. I've gone up on lines a thousand times, made up lines and/or lyrics. I remember being a singing gondolier, in a costume Bob Mackie made for me, making up Italian lyrics for all of the songs. I remember tripping on a box as I exited down a ramp during a blackout and landing face-first just as the lights for intermission came up and tearing a hamstring muscle. I remember doing a fight scene in OKLAHOMA, where I played Jud, and breaking my larynx during the fight scene. I remember playing Gaston in pre-Broadway version of Disney's BEAUTY & THE BEAST and going over backwards because of the slippery heel on the boots they made me in London. I remember Henry Mancini, getting up from his stool at the piano, picking me up and hugging me, because of the performance of "God Bless America" we did. I remember hearing 5000 people gasp when I finally began to sing after a long soliloquy while supported by a prestigious symphony. I remember alone on stage sitting in a chair in front of an 80 piece orchestra and 120 voice choir, and falling asleep. Need I go on???