About Me

I've wanted to be a part of this company for a long time!
I'd love to play Mrs. Brice in "Funny Girl" since I played Fanny Brice a long time ago.
Playing Molly Picon in "Picon Pie" in LA, Florida, and Off-Broadway was a special time for me because she was such an incredible legend to portray.
"Fiddler On The Roof". It's a classic that is important to keep presenting.
I was in "70, GIRLS, 70" playing the tap dancing Grandmother.

The funniest moments on stage for me involved my feet and "the unexpected". I was doing "FUNNY GIRL" at The Parker Playhouse in Fort Lauderdale singing "Don't Rain On My Parade" just before the end of Act One. I sang "Nobody's gonna rain on my..." and when I got to "parade", I kicked my foot up and my shoe went flying out into the audience! It was so funny. Everyone in the theatre was laughing and the usher found my shoe during intermission.

Another funny moment happened years later, when I was an opening act for Don Ho at the Greek Theatre. I walked off the runway while singing and landed in the trombone player's lap! He lifted me up, put me back on stage and I kept singing without missing a note. Again, the audience couldn't stop laughing. It was a fun moment.