About Me

I am a fan of each and every person in this company and know I can trust each and every member 100% when you are on stage with them
The next one, or whatever I am working on at the moment
That is a tough question because I love every role I have ever played and all become favorites.
Another tough question. I couldn't even come up with a top 10 beacuse I love them all. That being said I would have to say GODSPELL, because It was the first show I ever saw on Broadway I was a kid and it changed the course of my life. I walked out of the Plymouth Theatre with a dream.

I would have to say it was doing a Storybook Theatre Interactive production of SNOW WHITE and a child in the audience with Autism spoke for the first time, his parents where so shocked and happy; they were crying after the show, telling us what had happened and they could not believe how he was interacting with us. This began Storybook's association with Autism Speaks, because the parents brought other families with Autistic children to see the shows and it happened again. Now Autism Speaks recommends the Children's theatre to all families and articles have been published on the phenomenon of why they interact and or speak when they are there watching and participating in the shows.