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Minnie’s Boys

Musical Theatre Guild presents Minnie's Boys

Minnie’s Boys

The Madcap MARX BROTHERS Musical!

“Rich is…havin’ the moola to scratch where you itch!”

Before Mama Rose, there was Minnie, a super-Mom who was the driving force behind the famous Marx Brothers. A vaudeville performer herself, Minnie coaxed, pushed, pulled and prodded the boys into their now-famous entity. Seldom seen but dearly loved, Larry Grossman & Hal Hackady’s tuneful and infectious score takes us through the zany early years of the brothers as they get their start in burlesque. You know their films, but we bet you don’t know how it all started. This show will fill you in!

Minnie's Boys logo above Minnie and Sam in front of a piano with three men sitting at the piano playing it


Susan Edwards Martin
Minnie Marx
Bryan Chesters
Sam (Frenchie) Marx
Matthew Patrick Davis
Julie Marx (Groucho)
Travis Leland
Leonard Marx (Chico)
generic user image
Scott McLean Harrison *
Adolph Marx (Harpo)
generic user image
Chad Doreck *
Herbie Marx (Zeppo)
Matt Braver
Milton Marx (Gummo)
Glenn Rosenblum
Al Shean
Thomas Ashworth
E.F. Albee
John Massey
generic user image
Eric B. Anthony *
Maxie/Sandow the Great
Eydie Alyson
Mrs. Krupnik/Murdock
Pamela Hamill
Mrs. Flanagan/Mrs. McNish
Jennifer Knox
Cindy/Miss White House
generic user image
Bailey Blaise *
Miss Eiffel Tower
generic user image
Monica Ricketts *
Miss Taj Mahal
Kevin Matsumoto
generic user image
Faye Turner *
* Guest Artist

Show Details

Sunday, February 10, 2019 7:00 pm
Alex Theatre
Staged Concert Reading
Music by
Larry Grossman
Lyrics by
Hal Hackady
Book by
Arthur Marx & Robert Fisher
J. Scott Lapp
Musical Director
Tom Griep
Kevin Jenkins
Production Supervisor
Melissa Lyons Caldretti
Show Photographer
Stan Chandler