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Why can’t I sign up for an audition?

Members can not be more than $30 in arrears for dues.  If you are more than $30 in arrears, go to your Member account to catch up on your dues.  If you need to make special arrangements to catch up on your dues and to sign up for auditions, please reach out to Chuck Bergman at du**@mu*****************.com for arrangements.

How do I reach for tech support for the member’s portal?

You may email we*******@mu*****************.com for tech issues such as errors.
Please email me*****@mu*****************.com for basic help with navigating and entering your profile information.

Why can’t I access the member portal?

In order to access the member portal, audition notices, and sign-ups you must first register for a Member account and upload your headshot and resume. Please register and upload your information. Once approved, you will have access.

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