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Where do I send my materials and contact info for the public Members page?

You can upload your bio, resume, social media handles, website, contact information, and other info on your member’s profile page. There are several tutorial videos that can help you navigate through your profile. Check them out!

Not Registered yet? Visit our registration page. If you have already registered, please sign in to your Member account.

I have a great idea about shows for upcoming seasons!  Who do I reach out to?

First, scroll through our past seasons page.  If we haven’t produced a show you’d like to see us produce, please reach out to us via email. in**@mu*****************.com. Our fantastic Show Selection Committee will add your show to the discussion list.

If you have a lot of ideas and/or love musical theatre history, please consider joining the Show Committee! Check out our full committee list!

How do I order a MTG name badge?

Member badges are around $20 with shipping.  Please reach out to me********@mu*****************.com to order your badge. 

Musical Theatre Guild encourages Members to wear their badges when attending Musical Theatre Guild productions to identify Members to our patrons when attending front-of-house tasks or being an audience member.

What account information can be viewed by the public and other MTG Members?

Members have the choice of what information will be viewed by the public and what information will be viewed by Musical Theatre Guild Members in the Member’s portal. You can indicate what information you want to be shared with the public, Musical Theatre Guild’s membership, or kept private (Admins only) on your Member Account Settings. Check out the tutorial video for this feature.

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