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How much time do I need to contribute as a Member of Musical Theatre Guild?

Being that we are a member-run organization, we hope and encourage all members to find some time to donate to keep Musical Theatre Guild running.  However, we understand that career and family obligations may take precedence. 

If you have the time we hope you’ll join a committee or two and donate the time you can.  There are small ways to contribute that have minimal time commitment and larger responsibilities available if you want to dive in.

There are even ways Members can contribute while out of town or on tour, e.i., create graphics for marketing or join committee meetings via zoom.

We encourage members to contact the committee chairs to find out what they need and how best a member can donate their time efficiently and within their limit. You can view the committees and their Chairs here.

Read more below on how you can learn more opportunities to donate time to help the engines of Musical Theatre Guild to keep running. 

Do Associate Members need to join committees?

While it is not a requirement, we encourage Associate Members to join a committee to get a full understanding of Musical Theatre Guild and to experience the inclusivity we work to create. We are always having fun!

Where do I find the list of committees & how do I join a committee?

Click here to see a list of committees you can join and reach out to the listed Chair/Contact for more information or to sign up!

In what ways can I get involved with MTG other than auditioning and performing in MTG productions?

There are many ways for Members to be involved with Musical Theatre Guild.  Below are a few to consider:

Musical Theatre Guild has many committees for members to consider joining to help run our theatre company. If you are too busy to fully join a committee, you can reach out to committee chairs to see how you can help on a minimal basis when you find time in your schedule or when you can dedicate more time.  

Please click here for our committee list and committee chairs.

You can also look for emails from our Production Coordinator when a show needs props, set pieces, or has errand requests, such as picking up pre-show cast dinner and bringing it to the green room. 

We have membership meetings 4-5 times per year and encourage members to join to hear about the previous show and discuss Musical Theatre Guild business. It’s also a great opportunity to keep our Musical Theatre Guild community engaged and active. 

You can reach out to the ticket committee to see if they need assistance front of house before a show.

Overall, keep a lookout for emails requesting membership assistance. 

For those members wanting to be more deeply involved in the ins and out of Musical Theatre Guild:

Offer to Chair or Co-Chair a committee. Reach out to the committee chair you are already part of or would like to join.

You can also volunteer to be a Production Coordinator (PC) for one of our shows during a season.  The PC works like the producer of the show and it is a rewarding experience behind the table. One of the EC members supports the PC through the process, from scheduling auditions, casting to the day of the show.  Don’t worry, we have a handy dandy binder with all the steps! If you are interested, please reach out to the EC at [email protected]

Run for a seat on our Musical Theatre Guild Executive Committee (EC). The 5 member EC acts as the Artistic Director for Musical Theatre Guild where they guide MTG policies, pick the season’s shows with the Board of Director’s approval and hire the creative teams for each show in the season. EC members run for a seat and are elected by the membership for a 2-year term. Look out for the email announcing EC positions are coming available. To learn more about what the EC does, email them at [email protected]

Can an Associate Member run for the Executive Committee (EC)?

Only Full Members can run for the EC, as the first year of being an Associate Member is to learn more about Musical Theatre Guild, how MTG operates as a company and ways to get involved.

How do I run for the Executive Committee (EC)?

Members will receive a notice once a year that 2 or 3 EC positions are available. Members who would like to run will submit, per the email’s instructions, a statement of why they’d like to be in the EC. Full Members will vote for who they’d like to have in the EC. Please lookout for the email announcing when EC positions are becoming available.

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