Musical Theatre Guild Referral Policy

How do I help a friend or colleague become a Musical Theatre Guild member?

Members may refer a friend to audition for a Musical Theatre Guild show when roles can not be filled by current Full and Associate Members. Please email the EC at [email protected] and the current show’s Production Coordinator when referring an actor. 

If a member feels an actor they know is a perfect fit for Musical Theatre Guild with a strong resume, please reach out to the EC at [email protected]
You may also refer actors to our Guest Artist sign-up for when Musical Theatre Guild opens auditions to the public. Click here for our sign-up page to send the link to your referral.

How do I refer someone to be a director or musical director for our season?

We love referrals!  Please reach out to the EC at [email protected] to let them know you have someone you’d like to refer.

How does an actor become a Musical Theatre Guild Member?

An actor may be invited to audition as a Guest Artist for a particular production based on Musical Theatre Guild’s need to cast a role for which there is no current company member who can play that role, per Musical Theatre Guild’s Artistic Policy.

Once a Guest Artist performs in an Musical Theatre Guild production, that Guest Artist will be considered for Associate Membership invitation based on the company’s needs at the conclusion of that production.

A Guest Artist may be invited to Associate Membership directly without having previously performed in an Musical Theatre Guild production with EC approval based on the strength of credits/resume and current member endorsement of candidate’s talent and suitability for Musical Theatre Guild membership based on the needs of the membership.

All Associate Members will be eligible for Full Membership after 1 year of Associate Membership subject to EC approval and a majority vote of the Full Membership. Musical Theatre Guild also has a Guest Artist sign-up to be on an email list when we open auditions up to the general public. Click here for this page.

What is a Guest Artist?

A guest artist is an actor in an Musical Theatre Guild production that is not a Full or Associate Member that was cast to fill a role that could not be filled by a Full or Associate Member.

How does an Associate Member become a Full Member?

After one year, if an Associate Member wants to become a Full Member, the Associate Member informs the Membership Engagement Committee ([email protected]) of their intent and membership will vote to bring in the Associate Member into full membership.

My question is not listed.  Who do I reach out to?

You may reach out to the Executive Committee at [email protected].

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