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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Music by Cy Coleman & Lyrics by David Zippel
Book by Larry Gelbart

FADE IN: INT - DAY - HOLLYWOOD - THE 1940’s.  An author, Stine, is hunched over a typewriter adapting his detective novel into a screenplay.  

CUT TO: INT - NIGHT.  A detective, Stone, is hired by a beautiful socialite to find her missing stepdaughter.  

CUT TO: INT - DAY. Stine wonders -  should the stepdaughter be kidnapped instead?  Decides against it.   

CUT TO: INT - NIGHT.  The socialite flirts with Stone.  He takes her in his arms and kisses her passionately.  

CUT TO: INT - DAY.  The movie’s Producer calls demanding changes. Intimidated, Stine agrees.  

CUT TO: INT - NIGHT.  Stone breaks the kiss and berates Stine for caving in to the Producer so easily.  

CUT TO: Stine crumples up the kissing page and furiously types a new scene.  

CUT TO: Two thugs burst into Stone’s office, beat him up, and frame him for murder.   

Welcome to City of Angels, the musical that weaves together the “real” world of the writer getting his movie made, the “reel” world of the detective solving his case and how the two worlds collide.  With a typically jazzy, brassy Cy Coleman score and a typically hysterical Larry Gelbart book, it’s no mystery why this show won six 1990 Tony® Awards including Best Musical!