Gordon Goodman

Gordon GoodmanGordon spent his early years on a cattle ranch breaking horses and raising cattle. By age sixteen, he was a singer, performing solo work for such prestigious groups as the London City Symphony, the Prague Symphony, the Westside, Pasadena, and Utah Symphonies. He moved into acting on the professional stage, performing both dramatic classics, musical theater, commercials, television, and voice-overs. He has directed industrials, produced voice-over recordings, and entertainment for national corporate events. A published composer, he has composed music for musicals and international organizations such as the Bulgarian National Symphony. At the same time, a professional hypnotist, he has lectured on subconscious behavior to thousands throughout the United States. Gordon has written eleven screenplays, four musicals, a self-help book, and ten children’s books. He is a professional artist of classical charcoal portraits, fine art sculpture, and portrait photography. And, in addition to holding degrees in several forms of martial arts, he has a degree in business from Loyola University and a masters in psychology.  For more information, visit: www.nuwerks.com

MTG Productions

Hello Again (The Husband)
Das Barbecu (Wotan, Gunther, Hagen, Texas Ranger, Giant)
Violet (Father)
Finian’s Rainbow (Resident of Rainbow Valley)
A Connecticut Yankee (Merlin)
It’s a Bird…It’s a Plane…It’s Superman (Perry White/Ensemble)
Lady in the Dark (Charley Johnson)
Little Mary Sunshine (Jim Warington)
Parade (Tom Watson)
Jubilee (Charles “Mowgli” Rausmiller)
Allegro (Brook Lansdale)
A Tree Grows In Brooklyn (Johnny Nolan)
Passion (Encore Presentation) (Ludovic)
On The Twentieth Century (Bruce Granit)
Once Upon A Mattress
Here’s Love! (Mr. Sawyer)
Baby (Nick)
Colette Collage