Ruthless! The Musical

April 6, 2014

Music by Marvin Laird
Book & Lyrics by Joel Paley

Take equal parts The Bad Seed, Gypsy, All About Eve and Mame, add a dash of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?, serve shakin’ (not stirred) with laughter, garnish with a sprig of hemlock and you’ve got the hilarious cocktail that is Ruthless! The Musical. It is infused with child actors, agents, managers, the mother of all stage mothers and the mother of the mother of all stage mothers! With subtle notes of jealousy, secrets, betrayal, anger, lies, mistaken identity and murder by jump-rope, it manages to be both very dry and unbelievably fruity at the same time!

The Cast

Pamela Hamill
Shauna Markey
Todd Nielsen

and guest artists
Lindsey Alley
Eileen Bowman
Brennley Brown

Directed by Rick Sparks
Music Direction by Gregory Nabours
Choreography by Joseph Corella

Production Photographs