April 6, 2014

City of Angels
Music by Cy Coleman
Lyrics by David Zippel
Book by Larry Gelbart

City of Angels is two shows in one. It is the interweaving of two plots, one dealing with the writing of a screenplay in the legendary Hollywood of the 1940′s; the other, the enactment of that screenplay. This double feature quality leads to many other unique production values, the most notable being the fact that City of Angels is perhaps the only “color coded” show any theatre audience is likely to see. The movie scenes appear in shades of black and white, and the real life scenes are in technicolor. The show boasts two musical scores. One provides the cast with numbers to help reveal certain emotions or to celebrate particular moments in the way that only music can. The “other” score was written to emulate pure movie soundtrack music, 1940′s vintage. It is entirely appropriate, then, that the final curtain comes down on two happy endings.

The Cast

Melissa Lyons Caldretti
Christopher Carothers
Stan Chandler
Melissa Fahn
Zachary Ford
David Holmes
Paul Keith
Roy Leake, Jr.
Ashley Fox Linton
Tracy Lore
Glenn Shiroma
John Sloman
Kevin Symons

with guest artists
Meloney Collins, Laura Dickinson,
Jordan Lamoureux, and Fletcher Sheridan
as the “Angel City Four”

Directed by Joel Bishoff
Music Direction by Brad Ellis

Production Photographs