February 9, 2004
at the Alex Theatre

Book, Music and Lyrics by Rick Besoyan

Directed by Jamie Rocco

Musical Direction by Tom Griep
Choreographed by Peggy Hickey & Jamie Rocco
Produced by Susan Watson & Les Traub

Set at the Colorado Inn, high in the Rocky Mountains, LITLE MARY SUNSHINE harkens us back to a time when "good meant good, bad meant bad, virtue was all and justice always triumphed". A hysterical and tuneful spoof of such classic operettas as "Rose Marie" and other Nelson Eddie/Jeanette MacDonald vehicles, its original 1959 Off-Broadway production ran over 1,100 performances. Walter Kerr exclaimed, "I felt pain: pain that I almost never see anything so easy and foolish and delightful on Broadway any more." Catch it now before the show’s scheduled Broadway revival ties up performance rights!



Fleet Foot Chuck Bergman
Little Mary Sunshine Teri Bibb
Oscar Fairfax Doug Carfrae
Jim Warington Gordon Goodman
Chief Brown Bear Michael G. Hawkins
Ernestine Von Liebedich Carol Kline
Cora Maura M. Knowles
Blanche Tracy Lore
Ensemble Bets Malone
Henrietta Shauna Markey
Billy Jester Kevin McMahon
Mabel Kathryn Skatula
Yellowfeather Eric Anderson
Nancy Twinkle Christina Saffran Ashford
Slim T.J. Dawson
Buster Adam Lambert
Pete Nicholas Ross
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